Board of Advisors

Robyn Smith Goodwine
Ms. Goodwine is the daughter of the late Lloyd D. Smith and late Esther S. Smith who were selfless givers to their family and community. Raised in Ward 7 of Washington, DC, She is a current resident of Prince George’s County, MD.

Ms. Goodwine serves as a human resources professional for a business consulting firm in Washington, DC, and is active in various community outreach activities and ministries at Ebenezer A.M.E. Church in Fort Washington, MD, where she is a member.

Educated in private and public schools in Washington, DC, Ms. Goodwine attended Hampton University in Hampton, VA, Trinity College in Washington, DC, and graduated magna cum laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

As a co-founder of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation, Ms. Goodwine serves on the board and as the executive director. She manages the Foundation’s administrative and communication functions, and is liaison to the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, where the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation is a donor fund.

Tracy Y. Hector
Ms. Hector is a former pre-school teacher in Prince Georges County, Maryland. She has more than 25 years of health care experience, working with several hospitals and other health care organizations in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Prior to teaching she was employed at Tender Loving Care Health Services, headquartered in Lake Success, New York. During her 10-year tenure with Tender Loving Care, Ms. Hector worked as a Home Health Care Liaison for the agency's D.C. branch, and was promoted to Southeast Divisional Operations Trainer, traveling extensively throughout the east coast.

Ms. Hector is a graduate of T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, Virginia, attends Prince Georges' Community College and is also a current student at the Decorating Training Institute, Stuart, Florida. In 2008, she received her certification in Early Childhood Development. Ms. Hector is a graduate of The Academy of Design and Decorating, Peterborough, New Hampshire, and is a Certified Decorating Professional. She is the owner of an interior decorating and redesign business in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Ms. Hector is a founding member of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation and stepdaughter of the late Lloyd D. Smith.

Lisa Miller
Ms. Miller is the daughter of Lynn H. Smith, who was born and raised in Deanwood section of Ward 7. Although Lisa was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, she spent all of her childhood summers in Ward 7, spending time with her grandparents and cousins.

Lisa received a BA degree in Mass Media from Hampton University. Upon completing her degree at Hampton University, Ms. Miller took a job where she served as Assistant Director of Admissions for Franklin and Marshall College, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A few years later, Ms. Miller moved back to the Washington D.C. and became an Assistant Director of Admissions for The George Washington University. At both schools, she was responsible for general recruitment but headed their Minority recruitment. The Washington, D.C. schools served as part of her territory for overall recruitment.

Although Ms. Miller was on her way to a successful career in the corporate world with Xerox Corporation, her love for education continued to pull at her. She decided to resign from Xerox Corporation and pursue a teaching career, completing the educational requirements to do so. Ms. Miller received a Master's Degree in Education, with a specialty in Montessori Education, from Loyola College in Baltimore Maryland. She served as a D.C. Public Schools teacher for many years.

Ms. Miller decided to begin her own Montessori school, when her children were young. She began Jamon Montessori Day School in 1996 and continues to serve as Head of School. Her school is an international Montessori school located in Silver Spring, Maryland and has served students from Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Since her high school years, Ms. Miller has admired Lloyd D. Smith's love for the community and his hard work and determination to empower Ward 7. He served as a role model and demonstrated to her the true meaning of a public servant. Lloyd D. Smith was a clear example to Ms. Miller of a person who knew how important it was to be loyal and committed to your community and that we all have a role to play in making our society better. Ms. Miller's love and appreciation for the life of Lloyd D. Smith, her love for education, and her family roots in Ward Seven, make it an honor for her to serve on the Board of Directors for the Lloyd D Smith Foundation. She currently serves on the scholarship committee.

Nadine J. Parker
A native third generation Washingtonian, Ms. Parker was born and raised and received her early education in Ward 7. She was the third child born to the late Shirley Brent Bellfield and Earl Brent. Ms. Parker’s great-grandfather, Earl W. Brent was the first Pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Deanwood.

Ms. Parker began her career in the substance abuse prevention field in 1991 with the Marshall Heights Community Development Organization’s “Fighting Back” Initiative, focusing on ATOD prevention and treatment issues in the District. In 1994 she joined the DC Coalition Against Drugs and Violence as one of its founding members, developing after school programs to include golf and midnight basketball leagues for youth in Ward 7. Ms. Parker also worked in the Office of Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous. She has served on the Board of Directors of Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) District of Columbia Chapter, The Owl School PTA, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Show Choir, Washington Regional Alcoholic Program (WRAP), and was appointed by the District of Columbia’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board to serve as a member on the Advisory Committee on the Alcoholic Beverage Regulations.

Currently, Ms. Parker is the Executive Director of the National Capital Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking (NCCPUD). NCCPUD, a coalition organized in 1997 to reduce underage drinking through community and state coalitions, serves as a catalyst for youth, community organizations, government and citizens to reduce and prevent underage drinking and other harmful substances in and around the Washington Metropolitan area. Ms. Parker has led NCCPUD in its efforts for the past ten years, developing and implementing public policy around alcohol and tobacco. She has also trained over 500 junior and high school students as youth advocates, making positives changes in alcohol and tobacco policies and prevention efforts within their communities. Ms. Parker is a certified prevention specialist and serves as the Director of the Wards 3 & 4 DC Prevention Center.

Anthony T. Smith
Mr. Smith is a lifetime resident of Washington, DC's Ward 7 where he is active in his local community. He has freely given of his time to mentor and encourage youth in Ward 7, including coaching basketball for 10 years at Antioch Baptist Church. He taught Bible Study at Antioch Baptist Church and now teaches Bible Study at St. John's Baptist Church, where he is a Deacon. Mr. Smith formerly taught Bible Study at Cedar Knoll Youth Detention Center for three years, until the facility closed. He was former President of the Deanwood Citizens Association, and is Vice President of Building Brighter Futures, Inc., an independent human services consultancy in Washington, DC.

Mr. Smith is a founding member and served as the first Chairman of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation. He is the oldest child of the late Lloyd D. Smith and Esther S. Smith.

David W. Smith, Sr.
A native of Washington, D.C., David Smith is a founding member of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation and the grandson of the late Lloyd D. Smith. He currently serves as the Foundation's Vice Chair. David has served in a variety of high visibility leadership roles where he led environmental justice, habitat restoration and construction projects, and youth development projects in the District's most under-resourced neighborhoods.

David is currently the Executive Director of the Pearl Coalition (, which was founded by Lloyd D. Smith. Prior to his role with the Pearl Coalition, he served as the Acting Executive Director of one of the nation's most renowned environmental conservation and green job training programs, the Earth Conservation Corps (ECC). During his six years with the organization prior to serving as Acting Director, David held two community outreach and program management positions as the Anacostia Riverkeeper and the Program Director of the AmeriCorps program. With David in these leadership positions, ECC was able to graduate its members at over an eighty percent completion rate and complete major conservation projects alongside notable project partners, including the Mayor's Office of Washington D.C., the DC Department of Transportation, DC Parks and Recreation, the DC Department of Health (now known as DDOE), the Environmental Protection Agency, and many local and national non-profit organizations.

In 2005 David served for a period of time as the Contractor/Program Manager and VIP Coordinator with East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership (ERCPCP). ERCPCP, with David's help, achieved high honors from the U.S. Department of Justice for their work preventing increases in youth crime in South East Washington D.C.

David studied Political Science at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University. David has received local and national recognitions from Department of Justice, 60 Minutes, PBS Bill Meyers, DC Serve, AmeriCorps, Chesapeake Life Magazine, and recently received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award from the ARCH Recreation Center for outstanding community service.

Marcus Smith
Mr.Smith is the grandson of the late Lloyd D. Smith and is a current Lloyd D. Smith board member.

Mary Ann Smith
Mrs. Smith is a retired federal employee with over 30 years of civilian service. At the time of her retirement, Mrs. Smith served as an appeals specialist with the U.S. Small Business Administration where she was responsible for processing all appeals within the jurisdiction of the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Upon graduating from Atlantic Business College, Mrs. Smith became a stenographer with the U.S. Department of Labor. She held administrative positions with several federal agencies before transferring to the District of Columbia Government. When the D.C. Bureau of Traffic Adjudication was created to administratively adjudicate all parking and minor moving violations, Mrs. Smith became the first supervisor of the Bureau's Hearings Clerks Division.

Mrs. Smith is a charter member and historian of The Christian Giving Circle, Inc.—a non-profit, charitable organization in Prince George's County, Maryland that provides financial assistance to needy families and individuals in the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. She is an active member of the Penn-Branch Civic/Citizens Association and former member of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Mrs. Smith is a founding member of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation, and served as chairperson for five years. Recently, she assumed the role of treasurer. Mrs. Smith was married to the late Lloyd D. Smith for 25 years and is a long time resident of Ward Seven.

Perlia Smith
Perlia D. Smith was born in Washington, D.C. Perlia is the third child of seven children born to the late Milton W. Longus, of Orange County, New Jersey and Louis Pauline Reid-Longus of Washington, D.C. Perlia D. Longus-Smith is the daughter-in-law of the late Lloyd D. Smith and is married to his son, Anthony T. Smith.

Ms. Smith began her career with the D.C. Department of Manpower. She later worked as an administrator for the Office of Unemployment Compensation, Board of Appeals and Review and the Police and Firefighter Review Board. Ms. Smith began work in the private sector with the Environmental Law Institute, Children’s Defense Fund, Program Director for Management Interventions, Inc. (Job Corps) and Donata L. Edwards, Attorney at Law. Perlia continued her education at the University of the District of Columbia and Maryland University with a major in political science. Ms. Smith then matriculated to Lincoln University, in Lincoln Pennsylvania, where she received her degree as a Masters of Human Services in 1996. Ms. Smith was subsequently hired by the Prince Georges County’s Department of Social Services and the Prince Georges County’s Board of Education as the administrative coordinator for the Young Father’s Program and the Adolescent Teen parenting classes.

Her employment continued as Interim Director for the Ellen Wilson Community Development Corporation and the East Capitol View Community Development Corporation – HOPE VI (housing) projects. Ms. Smith has worked as a consultant for the Capitol Hill Group Ministry and South Washington West of the River Collaborative providing case management and technical services. Ms. Smith opened up Building Brighter Futures, Inc. in 2001 and has been working as an independent human services consultant since then.

Ms. Smith is a resident of Ward 7. She has been active in numerous civic and volunteer works for over 20 years. She is/was active in the PTA, St. John’s Baptist Church, ACORN, Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, Roper Recreation Council, Creative Shelter for Non-Violence (CCNV), Victims of Violent Crimes, the Far Southeast Community Development Organization, Lloyd D. Smith Foundation, Advisory Board Member for the Pearl Coalition, Far Northeast Neighborhood Advisory Board, the Ward 8 Community Services Committee, Chair of the Weed and Seed PSA 602 in Ward 7, and Current President of Deanwood Civic Association. She is recognized in her community as a responsible and able advocate, who has devoted herself to the enrichment of her community.

Angela Tucker
Born and raised in Ward 7 of Washington, DC, Ms. Tucker attended D.C. public schools through middle school, and graduated high school in Montgomery County, MD.

A federal government employee for over 20 years, she currently serves as a Records and Information Management Specialist. Prior to joining the federal government, she held various administrative positions in the private industry sector.

Ms. Tucker is an active member of Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD. She shares her talents and gifts through the creative art of liturgical dance, graphic art, and scrapbooking. She outreaches, teaches and inspires others throughout her community to connect and express themselves through the arts. Her outreach efforts also include event planning and decorating.

A board member of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation, Ms. Tucker serves as the Foundation's Secretary and is a member of the Foundation's scholarship award committee. She is the youngest child of the late Lloyd D. Smith and Esther S. Smith.

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